Wedding events & online RSVP

Create wedding events and online rsvp

Your free wedding account alloys you to create multiple wedding events for your guest to view and get information. Your wedding event pages can provide event locations and dates, as well as other useful event information for your visitors and wedding guests to view. To provide you with examples, you may create events for your wedding reception, wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or even bachelor’s party and any other related wedding events of your choice. For each wedding event that you create, you can create and send RSVP invitations for the event. You can then fully manage all your RSVP invitation responses online or you may export your RSVP invitations and responses to excel spreadsheets for easy printing and distribution. By having your guests RSVP online through the RSVP system, you will save yourselves a number of stamps, the cost of purchasing those stamps, and a few trips to the post office. May we mention that it is also more environmentally friendly?

The system allows you to send mass amounts of wedding event invitations out to your guests via our email system, it then tracks, organizes and manage RSVP responses for you automatically. As you create the wedding events and the invitations, you can send the invitations out to a all invitees at once, or to defined lists or groups of invitees, or you can send invitations out to single individuals.

To build you invitation guest lists, you can easily import your email contacts from your email provider or online email providers. A number of various email systems and providers are supported.

Your wedding invitations on are also fully customizable, you can even put an expiration date or deadline on the time frame that each user is allowed to respond by. You invitations are also secured as we put access restrictions on your sent RSVP event invites. Your invitation can only be accessed by you or your invited guests through special encrypted links. Each of your invited guests can only RSVP for an event by following a special individually encrypted link received in their email. Think of it as you sending each guest their own individual password that is more than 40 characters long. Each encrypted password link is automatically and randomly created.

We are aware that there are some guest who may not use the online system and may return their RSVP though mail. To account for this, we make it possible for you to also be able to respond on the RSVP system on behalf of your guests. This way you can continue to keep all your RSVP information organized and in one place.

The wedding RSVP system also allows your guests to include a special comment in their responses. This special comment may be used to respond to any special request that you may include in the invitation or any questions that you may want each quest to answer while returning their invitations. As you track and manage all your invitation responses, you can also edit, delete and export the special comments as part of your excel.

The RSVP system also comes with a built in email and messaging system that also allows you to quickly and easily send email messages or reminders out to all your guests, individual guests or to groups of invited guests.

The RSVP invitation system is a great and very handy wedding planning tool and is very much recommended to all couples getting married. There are plenty more very useful wedding features and tools available on the website to assist you with your wedding planning needs. Visit the wedding website features page for information on some of the other available wedding tools.