Wedding Website Features

All wedding websites are of premium quality. All the premium features of your created wedding website are standard. All premium wedding websites are free, with no trial period or requests for upgrade fees. There are no expiration dates either; your created site is yours for as long as you want it, both before and after your special day. In fact we encourage you to use it as your post wedding portal to share wedding pictures, and to keep your guests updated on marriage life.

Our free premium wedding website comes with the following standard features:

Your website is free:

You wedding website and all these wonderful features are absolutely free. Period! There are no other websites that gives you all these premium wedding website features and so much more for free!

Free wedding design template:

wedding website designChoose from dozens of elegantly designed wedding website designs and templates. We have a website design to fit almost every wedding theme and colors. We will also continue to develop and add new designs over time. You are also welcome to make suggestions of theme designs to us. Furthermore, you can easily switch designs at any time; there are no limits to the amount of design changes that you can make. Wedding website designs >>

Build multiple wedding pages:

wedding website pagesYou are allowed to build an unlimited number of wedding site pages, including a Welcome page, a Our Story page, the Wedding Proposal page, Bridal Party introduction page, Wedding Events pages, a Maps and Directions to wedding events page, a Wedding Thank You page, a Honeymoon page, a Wedding Questions and Answers page and a Contact Us page. These are just to name a few of the many pages that you can create. Additionally, and because every wedding is different, you are also allowed to create several custom to satisfy your particular needs. Free Wedding websites >>

Wedding countdowns

wedding date countdownAs soon as you sign up and enter your wedding date we will create your customized wedding date countdown and display it on all your wedding pages. Since you can also keep your wedding website after the wedding, we will also continue to maintain and to display this date after your wedding date has passed and will display it as time since you’ve been happily married. As you make post married life updates we will time stamp each of them for you.

Music uploads and playlists creation

wedding music playlistYou can easily upload your favorite songs and automatically create a wedding music playlist for your site visitors. You will have a music page as well as have the ability to have a mini version of your playlist displayed on your homepage. You can customize the playlist to automatically start playing or have the user click the start button. Visitors can also elect to play the music on one standalone page or play while they browse your site.

Multiple Photo albums and Slideshows

wedding website photo albumsYou can create multiple photo albums and upload your pictures into your created photo albums. All of your photo albums will have album slideshow views as well as standalone individual picture views. You can add a title and a description to each individual picture in your album, to describe the images to your visitors or to add fun commentary. Create engagement albums, regular photo albums capturing everyday live, family albums, bridal party albums, or any other albums of your choice. After the wedding you are encouraged to create wedding day photo albums and honeymoon photo albums to share with your guests. You can also continue to create photo albums of your post wedding life to share as updates on your wedding site.

Wedding guestbook

wedding website guestbookYour free wedding website also comes with an online guestbook feature for your visitors and guests to sign and to leave comments and well wishes. You have complete control and management of the guestbook and can turn the guestbook feature on and off at will. In addition, you can delete or add response comments to any of your guestbook entries. General site guestbook >>

Gift registry pages

wedding gift registriesYou can create a gift registry page and provide links to your various created third party gift registry sites. You can also provide general information and instructions to your guest regarding your guest lists or you may wish to write an advanced thank you note for any gifts purchased. We try to make it easy for you by creating predefined links to popular wedding registry sites. If you have a registry at a site that is not listed, please contact us to have the link added. Vendors and Registries >>

Online spam deterrent email contact form

wedding contactsYou can create a contact us page for your visitors to contact you with any questions or comments. You can elect to use our spam deterrent email contact form. The contact form will have fields for the visitor to enter their name, email address, and questions or comments. We will then forward this contact message to the email address associated with your account. Your email address is protected and is never publicly known or displayed to the sender or to any of your site visitors. You may also customize your contact page and elect to create and display public contact information.

Multiple wedding events creation

wedding events and invitationsYou can create multiple wedding event pages to provide locations, dates and information for your visitors and wedding guests. For example, create events for your wedding ceremony, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bachelor’s party etc. You will then be able to create and send out RSVP invitations for each event and will be able to manage all your rsvps online.

Maps and travel directions to wedding events

wedding event maps and travel directionsWhen you create each wedding event and provide the location or address of the event, we will automatically create and display a map with the location of the event prominently marked on the map. Visitors can get driving directions to the locations. In addition you can create a Maps and Directions page where we will automatically collect and display markers for all your events on one map, showing proximity of the event locations from each other. You can also add your own custom travel directions and instructions to this page.

Up to the minute weather reports on wedding events

wedding day forecast and weather reportWe will automatically display the current up to the minute weather report for the location or address of each event on every event page.

Multiple online RSVPs for your wedding events

wedding invitation online RSVPWhen you create you wedding events, example wedding ceremony, wedding reception, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bachelors party etc, you are able to create and send out multiple RSVP invitations for each event. You can then use the wedding RSVP online management system to manage your entire RSVP responses online as well as you are able to export your rsvp invitations and responses to excel spreadsheets for easy printing or distribution. This will save both you and your wedding guests a few stamps and a trip to the post office.

Wedding RSVP online management system

wedding RSVP managementYour free wedding website comes with an online wedding RSVP management system which allows you to send mass invitations of your wedding events out to your guests via email, it then helps you to track and manage their responses. You can send wedding event invitations out to several invitees at once or you can send invitations out to single individuals. You have the ability to import your email contact lists from various email systems in order to easily create your guest list. You can fully customize your invitations, including putting expiration dates on responses from various invited guests. Your wedding event RSVP invitations also have access restrictions and can only be accessed by you or your invited guests. Each invited guest can only RSVP by following a special individually encrypted link received in their email. You can also respond on behalf of your guests. Guest responses also allow the guest to send a special comment in their response that may be used to respond to any special request that you may include in the invitation. As you track and manage your invitation responses, you can export them to excel spreadsheets or download them to you computer for additional manipulations or for easy print and distribution. The RSVP system has a email and messaging system that also allows you to send email messages or reminders individual guests or to groups of invited guests.

Customized wedding Checklists

wedding checklistCreate a comprehensive wedding checklist in order to not miss any important items of your wedding planning. We will start you off with a predefined list of the top 165 wedding planning checklist items. You can delete or add items of your own. Change or update checklist item statuses at any time, add important notes to checklist items, set due dates for items, set and organize items by importance or priority and assign items to yourself or any other members helping you to plan your wedding. View a sample wedding checklist with tips >>

Customized wedding polls

wedding website pollsYou can create polls to get advice from your visitors, or use them as a tool for decision making. You can also create polls and use them to get the popular opinions of your guests regarding any wedding, or life topic or you can use polls as an opportunity to have some fun with your visitors.

Couple's personalized wedding blog with RSS feed

personal wedding blogsEach free wedding website couple will have a personalized wedding blog or online journal where they can either blog about their wedding planning, their engagement, their love, their wedding day experiences, or blog about married life. Of course couples can blog about any other topics they wish to blog about. Each individual blog has an RSS feed in which your visitors and guests can subscribe to in order to receive any updates of your blog. Wedding blogs >>

Wedding FAQ page

wedding FAQ - frequently asked questionsYou can create a frequently asked questions and answers page for your free wedding website and use it to address any frequently asked questions that you may receive, or use it to address any questions that you foresee.

Wedding plan updates

wedding plan updatesYou can create a wedding updates page and create an unlimited number of wedding updates, wedding plan updates, or post wedding updates. A small snippet of your last few updates are always displayed on your homepage with links to each individual update or to your updates page where your visitors can view a timeline of all your updates. Each individual update is time stamped and sorted for easy display.

Post wedding features

wedding website featuresYour free wedding website is yours to keep after your wedding date. We will not delete it or request that you do. It is a keepsake and a part of your memorabilia of that special day. We have several post wedding features that will help you keep your memories active, we are also always open to feature requests that may assist you. We encourage you to visit and provide your post wedding updates often so your visitors may stay updated on your marriage and future plans. Free wedding help and tools >>

Unlimited updates of site pages and content

free wedding website updates and changesYou can make unlimited updates to your wedding site pages and wedding content, there are no restrictions. You can also make unlimited changes to your wedding account settings or wedding website design.

Real time reports of site visits and page visits

wedding website reportsWe will track your website traffic and create reports of the number of visitors to your wedding homepage and other pages. You are able to see how popular your site is or to see which pages on your site are popular and which ones are not.

Access and availability 24/7

free wedding websiteYour wedding website is available and accessible to you and your visitors 24/7. We also guarantee a 99.9% server uptime. We will provide advanced notice in the event of scheduled maintenance or site updates, the average time for updates and maintenance is approximately 10 minutes, however. >>

Constantly improved features and support

wedding website supportWe constantly work to improve our wedding site features as well as to develop and introduce new features to our users. We are also always open to new feature request from our users. We also provide top support to our users in addressing any concerns or problems. Wedding planning guide >>

No other websites gives you all these premium wedding website features for free!